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The Nest

Tel Aviv


The Nest

This impressive duplex apartment in Tel Aviv has been designed in a modern, warm, and luxurious style with minimalist elements. The design concept, 'The Nest', draws inspiration from a bird's nest and the incorporation of natural materials within the space. The heart of the home is the open living area, featuring a specially designed gallery with a unique woodwork detail inspired by leaves, allowing daylight to create fascinating plays of light and shadow.

The project incorporates plant elements and warm wooden furniture in earthy, neutral tones, emphasizing the natural atmosphere while blending with the modern interior. High-quality finishes and superior raw materials, such as marble and natural stone, lend a luxurious and elegant touch, enhanced by strategic lighting and natural light.

The result is a modern, warm, and natural home with surprising design elements inspired by nature. The quiet nooks and generous entertaining areas create an inviting and calming living environment, exemplifying a personal and high-quality expression of modern urban living.


Tel Aviv


160 sqm




Interior Designer: Ira Fradkin

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