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The Clasic

Tel Aviv


The Clasic

This apartment is an architectural gem, inspired by an elderly woman of Eastern European descent, whose unique worldview has made every corner personally tailored and imbued with a modern classic touch. The use of stunning walnut carpentry gives this space a warm and inviting atmosphere, while designed vitrines integrate with the overall design line, granting it a modern character while maintaining a classic breath.

Every element in the design was carefully chosen to ensure maximum accessibility, with wide openings and handrails that will serve not only now but also in the future. The living space combines comfort and beauty, with a spacious and airy living room that allows children and grandchildren to gather and create warm family memories.

The main effort and thought went into the complex planning of the carpentry details, which not only give the house its unique appearance but also function perfectly on a daily basis. The rooms presented here are a perfect example of the harmony and care invested throughout the house, speaking of understated luxury, designed for a woman who appreciates the beauty of simplicity and the art of good living, and combines minimalist elegance with functional design to create a sanctuary of tranquility.


Tel Aviv

Area size

100 sqm




Interior Designer: Ira Fradkin and Alin Kipnis
Photographer: Beller

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