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A real Tel Avivite

Tel Aviv


A real Tel Avivite

This special project began to embroider skin and tendons on the first day of the first closure in the Corona period. The lovely client was in advanced pregnancy, so it was important to meet schedules and not compromise on any detail. All this was made possible thanks to a professional and skilled team under the management of the contractor Tzafrir Yitzhaki, who accompanied the project until the perfect result was obtained.

It was important to us to express the special personality of the landlady, and of course all the special items she had collected over the years.

At the design level, we were able to create 3.5 rooms, a spacious bathroom and guest toilet within about 80 square meters. A significant achievement by all accounts.


Tel Aviv

Area size

80 sqm




Interior Design: Ira Fradkin
Contractor: Tzafrir Yitzhaki Project Management
Photographer: Kfir Ziv

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